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Why ELS Partner

  • Punctuality of delivery

We are able to complete 90 percent of the delivery at a time less than 10 days, the customer is informed about progress of the shippment.

  • Guarantee the lowest price

We try to offeritems at the lowest possible prices for you. We are committed to long-term cooperation and friendly relations. Win-Win Strategy is very important to us.

  • The quality of ourproducts

We guarantee for the quality of our components. If you want we offer free samples of products. You can be sure that this is what you need order.

  • Speed ​​andflexibility

We aren’t  tied to contracts with our suppliers so we can respond flexibly to market changesWe don’t keep the unnecessary inflated magazines, which often turns out that this is not just what you are looking for.Wheninitiating a long cooperation we are able to maintain an appropriate buffer for your goods to our warehouse that you have exactly what you need - always at hand

  • Partner program

For ourregular customers in return for the trust bestowed on us every day - plan to participate in the partner program, more details by email


We invite youto send enquires - is the only way to check a new alternative for the consumer electronics market - ELS Partner

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